Can you get pregnant if you miss one birth control pill?

Answer It is possible to get pregnant if you miss one birth control pill because even when taken exactly as prescribed, oral contraceptives are only 99 percent effective. However, one missed pill does not... Read More »

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If you miss a birth control pill could you get pregnant?

According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, eight in 100 women will become pregnant in a year from missing one or more birth control pills. If one of the last seven remin... Read More »

What if I miss a birth control pill?

If the birth control pill you missed is an active or a hormonal pill, take it as soon as possible and continue taking pills as normal. If the pill you miss is inactive or a non-hormonal pill, disca... Read More »

Can you still get pregnant on a low dose birth control pill?

Yes, you can still get pregnant on low dose birth control pills, because no form of birth control pill is completely effective against pregnancy in any dosage. In fact, most pills prescribed for co... Read More »

When should I go off my birth control pill if I want to trick my bf into getting me pregnant?

When you get pregnant, just tell him that his sperm was just too awesome, and barreled through your cervix and hit it's target. This will boost his confidence/ego, and ease him into proposal.