Can you get pregnant if you get done from behind?

Answer You can get pregnant in ANY postition.The introduction of sperm into a vagina can result in pregnancy, regardless of method.Short answer.....Yes.

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My mum says i cant get my tounge peirced until im 16, shall i get it done behind her back?

No you should wait, if my daughter done it behind my back I would be upset and pull the thing out of her tongue;-)

Can you HAVE your hair DONE while pregnant?

Certainly but I would avoid any treatments that need chemicals such as a permanent, color change etc. Anything you put on your skin eventually gets absorbed into the blood stream so you want to mak... Read More »

Can you get an ultrasound done to tell weather your pregnant or not?

Yes, just go to your local hospital and make an appointment, and from experience, make sure you need to pee first because that's the only way that the ultrasound lady can tell if there is a baby

What can be done to deal with a sinus cold while pregnant?