Can you catch crabs from sitting on a toilet seat?

Answer While it is possible to catch crabs from sitting on a toilet seat, it is highly unlikely because lice do not have feet that allow them to walk on smooth surfaces. The most likely way to get crabs i... Read More »

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Polls: Do you not prefer to have access to a water hose while sitting on the toilet seat?

Rama,I am thinking that you are talking about a Bidet. This is a toilet with a built in type of faucet for cleaning with while still on this type of toilet. They are usually found in "Fancy" higher... Read More »

Do you always put toilet paper down on the seat in a public rest room before sitting down?

No,never,not one time. And I tell you what gets on my nerves more then anything is the girls who are afraidto frikkin sit on the toilet. They pee all over the seat doing the hover squirt. It's nast... Read More »

What can i catch from sitting on a public toilet bowl unprotected?

If its the U shaped toilet, probably not much to worry about.

I Used A Public Toilet Seat, Does That Mean I Could Possibly Be Pregnant?

Oh my gosh *cries* I used an airport bathroom once... 9 months later little Lester was born. I should have known not to use it after Christopher Big Black Boykin.