I Used A Public Toilet Seat, Does That Mean I Could Possibly Be Pregnant?

Answer Oh my gosh *cries* I used an airport bathroom once... 9 months later little Lester was born. I should have known not to use it after Christopher Big Black Boykin.

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Can you catch crabs from sitting on a toilet seat?

While it is possible to catch crabs from sitting on a toilet seat, it is highly unlikely because lice do not have feet that allow them to walk on smooth surfaces. The most likely way to get crabs i... Read More »

Is there anything you really can catch from a toilet seat?

Crabs, Hepatitis, and there are a few other STD's widely available at your nearest public toilet. Credit cards and cheques accepted. Discounts available with multiple purchases

Can you use an elongated toilet seat with a Standard toilet?

Some American Standard toilets have elongated bowls, which are designed to fit elongated toilet seats. For example, the Boulevard Right Height Elongated One-Piece Toilet, Champion 4 Elongated One-P... Read More »

How do I install a toilet seat on a Kohler 1 piece toilet?

Measure The BowlMeasure the distance from the toilet seat hinge post holes on the back of the bowl, to the front center of the bowl. If the distance is approximately 18 1/2 inches, install an elong... Read More »