Can you get pregnant by eating sperm?

Answer No, not at all. The only way for a woman to become pregnant is for the sperm to enter through the Vagina into the uterus, into the Fallopian tubes where a mature egg is waiting to accept the sperm.... Read More »

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Are teenagers sperm less likely to get someone pregnant then adults sperm?

Answer No, its all the same. Sperm is sperm. Answer Not less likley, perhaps a little more likley.

Is it safe to swallow sperm while your pregnant if that sperm is herpes positive?

It's probably not safe to swallow H+ sperm whether you're pregnant or not. I am not a clinical doctor, but this is a question you should ask him or her for a definitive answer to.(And trust me, you... Read More »

Is eating sperm healthy?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsEating semen--or sperm--can be a boon to your health. Semem contains many important vitamins and nutrients and, as reported by MSNBC, is linked with warding off pree... Read More »

Can eating sperm cause any disease?

The semen itself is not a problem. Pretty much any of the sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted orally.