Can you get pregnant at the end of your cycle?

Answer It is possible for a woman to become pregnant at any point in her cycle. Most women become pregnant at the mid-point of their cycles during ovulation, however, ovulation can occur at different time... Read More »

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Your cycle came on for 2 days it was really light and it was 5 days early you are having every sign of pregnancycould you be pregnant if your cycle came on like this and only lasted for the 2 days?

Answer If it is 5 days early from your norm it could be implantation spotting.. GL and take a test in a few days :) Answer sounds like you experienced implantation bleeding where the fertilized eg... Read More »

If your cycle is more than two weeks late and your stomach hurts in the morning after you urinate does tha mean you are pregnant?

Answer While a missed period is one sign of pregnancy, there can be other causes. A sore stomach after urination is not a sign of pregnancy and does need to be investigated by a doctor.

Is spotting on the 12th and 13th day of your cycle mean you a pregnant?

Answer Ovulation Spotting is defined as a very light bleeding that may accompany ovulation - though it is rather uncommon fertility indicator and can be easily missed (even if it occurs). Unless y... Read More »

How can you tell if you're pregnant without taking a test because you don't want your mom to know and you had sex 13 days before your cycle is supposed to start?

Answer Here are some signs that you may be pregnant... 1. Tender, swollen Breast 2. Fatigue feeling tired 3. Implantation bleeding Red spotted or pink or reddish brown staining 4. Nausea or vomitin... Read More »