Can you get pregnant after 3 weeks of your menstruation?

Answer yes. each cycle is different. i had a normal 2 wk-2 wk cycle but when i got pregnant it was with a 3 wk-1 wk

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How will you know that you are pregnant if you have sex on the day after your menstruation ends?

Answer you have to wait until your next period due date and see if you missed your period but i sure you might not be pregnancy the reason why? a women gets pregnancy once they finish their period... Read More »

Would i get pregnant if we have sex then withdrawal after 8 days of my menstruation?

If you mean he pulled out. Then it is always possible because some seamen can still be left behind. As for being off your period it doesn't matter when you have sex you can still get pregnant, ev... Read More »

If two weeks after unprotected sex you have blood in your semen can you be pregnant?

Answer If there is blood in your could more than likely just be you starting your period.

Is it normal to bleed after masturbation when your two weeks pregnant?