Can you get pregnant a week after medical abortion?

Answer Yes. always use birth control if you don't want to get pregnant.

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How safe is it if you get pregnant after having a medical abortion?

Answer I know this isn't the answer you're seeking, but my "two cents" anyway:This website was created to ask and answer frequently asked questions. People come here to see if others have had simi... Read More »

I am nearly 10 weeks pregnant and due to have an abortion next week after waiting 5 wks on the NHS.v scared...?

I'm really sorry that you are in this situation. I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way two years ago. I've always had strong opinions regarding abortion and I thought that if I were eve... Read More »

I am not sure if i am pregnant but i feel nausus every morning and i cant get rid of the feeling i should be getting my period in about a week i need to know the symptoms how much for an abortion?

You should probably go to your local drug store and buy a first response pregnancy test (it lets you know if you're pregnant five days before your period). But I strongly suggest NOT getting an ab... Read More »

Hi you had an abortion on 20 November 2007 and now again you are pregnant Do you think it is going to be safe to have an abortion you are a healthy lady?

Yes. In fact, your pregnancy is so recent you probably will be able to have medicine-based abortion. If you are sexually active, it's healthier to use contraception, such as condoms or birth contro... Read More »