Can you get pregnancy symptoms 2-3 days after sex?

Answer No. Implanatation does not occur until 7-8 days after fertilization, so for the first 2 weeks or so, the only symptom of a real pregnancy is increased hormone levels, which can be detected on a pre... Read More »

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Can you have pregnancy symptoms two days after sex?

Answer No, your probably just experiencing the symptoms or what you think are the symptoms because you had unprotected sex and are worried or stressed about being pregnant so calm down wait a few ... Read More »

Can you have pregnancy symptoms six days after sex?

Sometimes they do, like my cousin knew she was pregnant in like a week and now she has a 5 month old baby boy!!

Can you have pregnancy symptoms eight days after sex?

Answer It's possible, but not likely. If you had sex before that day, then you may have gotten pregnant from one of those times and be farther along in your pregnancy than you think. Or you could... Read More »

Can you feel pregnancy symptoms 2 days after conception?

Answer NO! Answer Yes! In my first pregnancy, my first sign was sore breasts 2 days after conception. That same sign repeated itself 2 years later, with slight nausea as well, 2 days after concepti... Read More »