Can you get pregnancy disability benefits if you quit your job?

Answer If you applied for short term disability before conception, and your doctor orders bed rest due to pregnancy complications, it is possible that your policy will pay a benefit. Your policy will pro... Read More »

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Can you get disability benefits if you are disabled due to pregnancy and unemployed?

The answer is - it depends. If you are asking about state disability benefits, the rules vary by state. You will need to contact your state department of labor. They will ask how long you have bee... Read More »

How long after you file pregnancy disability do you receive benefits?

The response time varies by the insurance carrier.If your are filing for pregnancy disability before your delivery, you will have to show why you are unable to work.If you are filing for maternity ... Read More »

How long must I be married to another person before I qualify for their disability benefits also if I'm collecting disability benefits and I marry do I qualify for higher benefits and when?

Travel insurance is important because even though you are going on vacation from your job and home life, you never want to go on vacation from your health insurance. Imagine if you got hurt or very... Read More »

I am currently on Long Term Disability and Social Security Disability benefits for a chronic illness. Will I be able to continue receiving these benefits if I decide to get pregnant?

Only if the pregnancy has complications and the doctor recommends bed rest or otherwise decides that you can't work.