Can you get photoshop to work in linux?

Answer Although Photoshop hasn't released a Linux version of its software yet, it's possible to run several versions of the software within the Wine emulator. Linux also supports a number of free graphics... Read More »

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Is there photoshop flash for Linux?

Adobe has released a version of its flash player that will run on a Linux-based operating system. Adobe also offers a program called AIR 2 that can be run on Linux systems and can be used to creat... Read More »

How to Get a DSL Modem to Work on Ubuntu Linux?

Using a DSL modem on Ubuntu Linux follows a different process than standard Ethernet configuration. If you are not using a router and instead are connecting to the DSL modem through Ubuntu, it will... Read More »

How to Get a Webcam to Work in Linux on an HP DV2000?

Linux has made considerable improvements in more or less all areas that one could evaluate it on: speed, ease of use, security, etc. However, there is still one area in which Linux lags far behind ... Read More »

How to Work in Linux at the Command Line?

The Linux command line is a powerful tool. Many users prefer it over graphical interfaces. This article is specifically targeted toward the BASH shell, the shell most Linux distributions use by def... Read More »