Can you get photoshop to work in linux?

Answer Although Photoshop hasn't released a Linux version of its software yet, it's possible to run several versions of the software within the Wine emulator. Linux also supports a number of free graphics... Read More »

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Is there photoshop flash for Linux?

Adobe has released a version of its flash player that will run on a Linux-based operating system. Adobe also offers a program called AIR 2 that can be run on Linux systems and can be used to creat... Read More »

How does the Linux opperating system work?

I don't think you'll get a sufficient answer here to so broad a question. Instead, I suggest you check out your local library or bookshop (or amazon etc.) Here are some suggestions:The Linux Pock... Read More »

Cannot get a HP4280 all-in-one printer to work on linux?

Not trying to be funny but is the printer supported by Linux? Do the drivers on the installation disc include the Linux OS?

How to Get a Webcam to Work in Linux on an HP DV2000?

Linux has made considerable improvements in more or less all areas that one could evaluate it on: speed, ease of use, security, etc. However, there is still one area in which Linux lags far behind ... Read More »