Can you get negative pregnancy test results if your periods are irregular?

Answer irregular periods doesn't affect a pregnancy test result

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When should you take a pregnancy test if your periods are VERY irregular?

AnswerI'd say take the test about 30 days after you last period. If it is negative, wait a week and take another one if you haven't gotten your period. If it is still negative, wait another week an... Read More »

I have irregular periods however I've been experiencing breast tenderness viens showing fatigue I though it was your period but it never came all test negative what else can cause these symptoms?

Answer Hormonal imbalance or Thyroid problem can also cause these symptoms. So can pregnancy. Urine tests are not very accurate. Especially during early pregnancy. See your Doctor for a QUANTITATI... Read More »

Since it is possible to be pregnant and still have regular periods if you take a home pregnancy test will the test come back positive or will it be negative because your body is still having its menstrual cycle?

Answer Regardless of menstruating or not your body will still have the hormones for a positive test.

I had a pregnancy test at drz office about 7 months ago it came up posetive almost instantly so then he took a blood test str8 after got my results next day was a negative why?

you most likely had a miscarriage meaning your hgc levels(hormones that only come from being pregnant) were high enough to get a positive pregnancy test. however if you have a blood test done and t... Read More »