Can you get menstrual cramps while pregnant?

Answer On One Hand: Cramping is CommonCramping during pregnancy--even menstrual cramping--can be common and is often unrelated to ill health. "Gas and bloating," however, "are very common during pregnancy... Read More »

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Are mild cramps like dull menstrual cramps on and off a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes. If they make you double over in pain or if you get a positive result and they are very painful and bleeding then you will want to go to the ER.

Is it normal to have a menstrual cycle while pregnant?

On One Hand: No Menstrual CycleDuring a menstrual cycle, or ovulation, an egg is released from an ovary and travels into the uterus. The uterus prepares itself for the egg and possible fertilizatio... Read More »

Is it normal to get cramps while pregnant?

On One Hand: Some Cramping Is NormalSome cramping during pregnancy is normal. The Mayo Clinic reports that many women experience abdominal cramping along with some bleeding (spotting) in early preg... Read More »

How to Prevent Leg Cramps While Pregnant?

Leg cramps are a common pregnancy complaint that affects around half of all pregnant women. Most common in the second and third trimesters, leg cramps can be caused by decreased circulation brought... Read More »