Can you get married if you're 15 and pregnant without parental permission?

Answer Nope u have to have parental consint

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Can two 15-year-olds from America get married in Georgia without parental permission?

AnswerNo, you have to their consent. AnswerIn order to get married as a minor in Georgia you have to be between the ages of 16 and 17. Then you have to be accompained by both parents whom have giv... Read More »

If a 16-year-old gets married without parental permission could her parents take custody of their grandchild away from her?

The only way a 16 year old can get married is if they have parental permission or a court order.  AnswerMaybe. (If you are the grandparent, I suggest you help her in anyway you can. I got married ... Read More »

I'm 16 if I get pregnant and married can I leave home without permission to live with the father?

It depends upon how pissed off your parents are usually pissed off parents do some strange things like say "you cannot ever see that boy again" legally the answer is no however morally the answer i... Read More »

If you're pregnant can you get married without parental consent at the age of seventeen?

Answer Only in certain states, Georgia, Florida and Maryland(with some exceptions). The law in those states requires that the minor present a notarized statement from a doctor licensed in the state... Read More »