Can you get married at age 17 if you have a baby?

Answer It depends on the Age Of Consent and the state your in. Some states will allow Parental Consent, check it into it.

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Who is baby bash married to?

Can someone adopt a baby before getting married to someone?

In Jefferson County NY, for an uncontested step-parent adoption, I was quoted $1500 + the $150 fee for the home study. Relatively cheap compared to what I've researched in other states. Good luck!

Can a 17-year-old with a baby get married in Texas?

Answer Not without the consent of her parents or legal guardian.Being pregnant or having a child does not confer emancipation upon the minor female.

You are 16 with a 6month old baby not married and pregnant again what should you do?

Go to Planned Parenthood and learn about birth control. If you can't pay, it's free.