Can you get married at 17 in North Carolina?

Answer Answer This is what I found on the internet...Applicants 18 to 20 must present a certified copy of their birth certificate. Applicants 16 and 17 must present a consent form signed by the parent, in... Read More »

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How to Get Married in North Carolina?

You can easily find out how to get married in North Carolina to help make the whole process fun and cost-effective. You will need to line up your marriage license and your vendors, but that can be ... Read More »

How to Get Married in North Carolina After Divorce?

Different states have different laws regarding what, if any, additional information is required before you can legally marry after you have been divorced. In North Carolina, there is no mandatory w... Read More »

How to Get Married by a Magistrate in Currituck County, North Carolina?

In Currituck County, North Carolina, marriages can be performed by a magistrate such as a judge or justice of the peace. A wedding ceremony to be performed by a Currituck County magistrate must be ... Read More »

Can a cadet from the US Coast Guard stationed in North Carolina get married or live in with a 18 year old lady from Massachusetts?

Coast Guard members are either Coast Guardsmen or informally "Coasties" and Marines are just that, service men is a term that would cover all of those groups