Can you get married at 15 with your parents consent?

Answer No it is illegal unless you are New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Missouri, or Hawaii. Most states require 16 or 17 with parents consent.

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Is there anywhere in the world where you can get married at 16 without parents' consent?

Answer Yes you can get married in Maryland without parents permission only if the girl is going to have a baby or already has one and you have a doctors note saying that she is or does. Answer Ye... Read More »

In Georgia if your 16 your boyfriends 18 and your pregnant can you get married without your parents consent?

In what state can a 16-year-old girl get married without her parents' consent if she is pregnant?

Answer None that I am aware of. Answer many states actually. i live in Maryland and im almost 16 and 5 months pregnant. im still trying to decide if im going to marry my boyfriend (babys father) or... Read More »

If you are 17 years old and you are pregnant or have a child can you get married in the state of New York without your parents consent?

Married in New York at 17 After checking the statutes in ny it does not appear that you can. I know you probably want only legal advice, but as someone who was pregnant at 16 and married, experien... Read More »