Can you get liability insurance on land only and not on a home?

Answer Yes, Land owners can and regularly do obtain insurance to cover potential liabilities

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What is the difference between farm liability insurance and vacant land general liability insurance?

Farm Liability is often a Farm Comprehensive Personal Liability coverage form and generally covers the land on which you farm as well as the products which you produce as a farmer. It covers the pe... Read More »

Why do you need liability insurance on land you do not use?

Liability insurance In the Unites States, a landowner can sometimes be held liable for certain occurrences on the owned land. A Landowner is typically NOT held liable for the actions of tenants. T... Read More »

How do you get liability on vacant land without homeowners insurance?

Personal Liability with a Renters Policy You could get a commercial type policy -- the last one I sold in Texas was about $1200/year for $300,000 liability. They charge per acre.Insuracne is regul... Read More »

What liability insurance coverage can be obtained for vacant land?