Can you get ink poisoning if it gets in a cut?

Answer On One Hand: Only If IngestedYou must swallow ink for a severe enough reaction to occur where seeking medical attention is necessary. The inks in pens are not poisonous and must be consumed in mass... Read More »

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What harm can a baby gets if a mother gets burnt on her tummy?

wow thats a VERY DIFFICULT QUESTION! but the pain problem would be... the baby would probably have back problems.

What name had that old movie/series where a man gets a new body after his old one gets hit by a metro?

It was called Now and Again and had Eric Close in it. I've watched it and really enjoyed it. It was John Goodman's character who died and he then was part of Eric Close's body.

Do this riddle, whoever gets it right, gets a prize, ill notify you, think very carefully?

If a parent gets a disability check and the child that's getting home-schooled gets one too does it affect anything?

You would need to follow-up with your physician to determine whether you need to go out on disability. If your physician places you on disability, and provides the information to support that, then... Read More »