Can you get infected with HIV if you swallow HIV infected blood?

Answer Yes you can.

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What are my chances of getting hiv if blood from infected person got on my unprotected penis?

It's very risky. I dont want to encourage you to continue unprotected sex. But womans are the reciever there are chances that you can still be healthy.. But you won't know for sure if you don't ge... Read More »

Oww Help I Think My Ear Is Infected.?

whatever this is is in your sinuses, you are going to need a prescription for an antibiotic so go to the hospital or to your doctor and get this taken care of. When you get there tell them that you... Read More »

My cut is infected What should I do?

At this point, you have done everything right, but it seems to be infected. So you need to see a doctor to get antibiotics.

How to tell if it's infected?

Really, other than disinfecting the wound and cleaning it often(disinfecting it with neosporin does work)you can't really prevent an infection. If it were infected you would know. The way to tell i... Read More »