Can you get in trouble if you put something in Wikipedia that is not true?

Answer The simple answer is "no," but in theory you probably could - depending on how you define "trouble," what you intend to put in Wikipedia, where you intend to put it, and who is likely to be offende... Read More »

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How can I find out if something is true or not true on Wikipedia?

Ask an expert. If you don't know who is an expert, call your local library. Your taxes fund it, so you might as well use it.Example: you read in Wikipedia that the Andorians invaded Bahrain in 1893... Read More »

Will I get in trouble if I change something on wikipedia but I changed it back?

I understand that Wikipedia has their own police & enforcement squad. ~But maybe they will be lenient because you changed it back.

Someone told me you can get in trouble for changing important junk on wikipedia is this true?

Yes. For example, if you hacked an admin account and use it to blank the Main Page, that account would get locked up until the original owner recovers it from you.Also, don't add promotional, defam... Read More »

If it says that all humans alive had ancestors that were dark skin on wikipedia, is that true?

The fosil record looks like humans evolved and migrated from africa, so dark skin makes sense. . .