Can you get hiv by being exposed to tears?

Answer "Contact with saliva, tears, or sweat has never been shown to result in transmission of HIV," according to the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC also notes that even though HIV is found in testi... Read More »

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Will a flu vaccine help after being exposed to it?

Unless you have specific lab tests to identify the exact strain of the flu to which you were exposed, you would be better off to get the shot than assume you don't need the shot and risk getting ex... Read More »

Are there health risks in being exposed to wood burners?

Smoke is not an allergen but it is an irritant and causes breathing problems with allergy sufferers and especially with those who have asthma and COPD. I can walk in a house with a wood burning sto... Read More »

How to Keep Your Dog from Being Exposed to Household Poisons?

The contents of our homes can at times pose as big of a threat as the outside elements to our pets. Let's explore further in how to prevent this from occurring.

How long does it take to show symptoms after being exposed to a stomach virus?

(((Ecter)))O hope hes Ok When you have stomach virus you may have these symptoms:nausea vomiting stomach cramps diarrhea mild fever fatigue chills loss of appetite muscle aches. The illness may de... Read More »