Can you get high off of chapstick?

Answer wow I have never heard of that. Maybe you were just in a giddy giggly mood or possibly you had some sort of allergic reaction. At any rate it sounded like fun.

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How to Get Chapstick off a Wall?

Whoops! Accidentally got Chapstick smeared over your walls? Oh no! Quickly! Follow these steps before mom finds out!

Are you addicted to ChapStick too?

oh yes lol exspecially the ones tht smell really good i will not go anywhere without my chapstick lol i have skittles chapstick and i love the smell of it 8]

How to Get Red ChapStick Off a Couch?

However red ChapStick gets stuck on your couch, the end result is a colorful, greasy mess. The wax and emollients that moisturize your lips leave a greasy stain, while the red color poses the risk ... Read More »

How do you make chapstick?

* 2 - 2 1/2 teaspoons oil/butter* 1/2 teaspoon beeswax * 1/2 teaspoon flavoring (optional)* 1/2 teaspoon extra moisturizers (optional) * 1/8 teaspoon preservative* 1/4 teaspoon color (optional)With... Read More »