Can you get high from smoking regular lipton's iced tea?

Answer Tea is for drinking, not smoking.You can smoke almost anything that you can think of and a lot of idiots try it all. Chances are it would make you sick.Fix yourself a cup of tea or a glass of ice t... Read More »

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What is the difference between smoking earbuds and iced earbuds from scullcandy?

How to order a regular iced tea at starbucks?

Like the others, I will say go somewhere else for iced tea. However if you were to order at a Starbucks, ask them for sweetened black iced tea and more tea than water. They way they make their iced... Read More »

Can you get high from smoking lavender?

no but you can gen one hell of a headache ---says one person. I've never gotten a headache from smoking lavender, but I am sure it's possible to get a headache from smoking it, and especially smok... Read More »

Can you get high from second hand weed smoking?

Some people in groups which smoke weed do a hot box - meaning smoke it in the car with the windows up, area with low air flow, or in a small room with the doors and windows closed, etc. The purpose... Read More »