Can you get gardasil vaccine while you have hpv?

Answer Sure you can. There are numerous strains of HPV. The Gardasil will help with 4 of them. Even if you know that you're currently infected with one of the 4 strains in the Gardasil vaccine, it can sti... Read More »

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Does the Gardasil vaccine cause sterilization?

No one knows. (and that goes for either side of any debate about that vaccine) The vaccine hasn't been out long enough nor was it tested long enough to know what the long term side effects if any, ... Read More »

Can the HPV vaccine Gardasil be given to boys?

Yes. A recent study has shown that Gardasil is 90% effective at preventing genital warts in males. Genital warts are caused by HPV (Human Papiloma Virus). Genital warts are responsible for most pen... Read More »

Could I get some advice about the Gardasil vaccine..Is it recommended?

You'd be doing her a bigger favor by educating her about the risk factors for persistent HPV infections--such as, smoking ups your risk of getting a PERSISTENT HPV infection by up to 2600 percent; ... Read More »

How long should you wait after gardasil vaccine before trying to get pregnant?

My doctor said that you should wait 6 months after finishing all the treatment ( 3 shots), and are not supposed to get pregnant in between them.For example, if you receive the first shot in January... Read More »