Can you get games onto an ipod using LimeWire?

Answer Answer No.Games for iPod can only be purchased through the iTunes Store and are installed and managed via iTunes.

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How do you get songs from limewire onto ur Ipod?

i had the same problem before but its really easy actually. just drag the songs from limewire into your itunes music library! that should work. and if it doesnt you can try dragging the music from ... Read More »

How can you transfer a dictionary from LimeWire onto a iPod?

Answer To get music onto itunes from limewire you need to first go into the limewire libray. Then in the middle of the screen and to the left there should be a explore button. Click on that then... Read More »

How do you sync LimeWire movies onto a ipod nano?

you have to download the mp4 version of the movies, then iport it into itunes. then, just go to your ipod nano's movie tab, and sync it.

How do you upload songs from LimeWire onto an ipod shuffle?

First you open limewire and have itunes open as well but your looking at the limewire screen. Click on and highlight the downloaded song you want to transfer. Then drag it without letting go of the... Read More »