Can you get free songs on itunes?

Answer The iTunes store has a section titled "Free on iTunes" that offers one designated weekly single. In the past, the store has also offered free downloads as a promotion through other companies such a... Read More »

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Is there any way to get songs for free besides itunes?

Nothing that gets you music free is going to be legal. But I use You search the song and artist, then click on the one you want, then check the box and type in the characters shown... Read More »

Where can i get free songs for my itunes?

Limewire doesnt give you viruses unless you download a program that will give you a virus. try bit torrenting. download u torrent and use torrent sites like and u... Read More »

My old itunes got erased and i have a new computer with new itunes how can i put the new songs from the new itunes to my ipod withought erasing all of the songs from my ipod and sync the new ones?

Answerit will be a gotcha lurks when you install iTunes and plug your iPod onto a new computer because iTunes is set by default to replace your iPod library with the desktop library the first time ... Read More »

How can you put songs from one itunes onto another itunes on a different computer without copying your songs onto blank discs or an ipod?

Answer Here are the steps if you have iTunes on the "different computer:" Connect your iPod to the computer A window will come up saying that there are songs on your iPod that are not on the comput... Read More »