Can you get enamel back or artificial enamel.?

Answer Simply put, enamel cannot grow back. You may want to look into crowns, veneers or composite fillings. Not all these options may be available depending on the severity of your condition. You are loo... Read More »

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How to Mix an Automotive Enamel Reducer for a Gallon of Acrylic Enamel Paint?

Automotive acrylic enamel paint must be mixed with a reducer and hardener before application with a paint gun. The reducer allows the paint to flow from the paint gun smoothly. The hardener, someti... Read More »

Can i paint latex enamel over oil-based enamel?

On One Hand: You Can Paint Over Most SurfacesTo paint over a previously painted surface--in this case, alkyd (oil-based) semi-gloss or gloss paint--you must clean it first for the paint to stick; a... Read More »

The enamel of my teeth is dissapiaring what do i do to restore the enamel?

Try Sensodyne ProEnamel or Crest Rejuvenating Effects. Both claim to remineralize to strengthen enamel and soft spots. It doesn't "grow" enamel but can help to strengthen weaken enamel. Drinking f... Read More »

About Enamel?

Tooth enamel is the substance that makes up the outer layer of human teeth, as well as the teeth of all vertebrate mammals. Enamel is 96 percent minerals, with water and organic material composing ... Read More »