Can you get drunk from drinking wine?

Answer dee dee dee

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Drinking wine doesn't make me feel drunk?

So you have never had alcohol before, you drank an entire bottle of wine and you didn't feel drunk. You are not being truthful or you're doing it wrong. That's just no possible.Wine gets one drun... Read More »

Mmiv drunk a bottle of wine and im not so drunk. i dont drink so often. is this normal?

I think you're drunker than you realize. Check your typing.

Can Mosquitoes get drunk from drinking your blood if you are drunk?

lol I don't know the answer, but I had to respond lol it's a brilliant question, kinda thing I'd think of :p I'm guessing not though? and if it did, I'm guessing it would kill them being so small ?

I've been drinking red wine and am now out, but have some white wine how can I go the change over without?

The only reason you would feel sick tomorrow would be if you stopped drinking long enough to sober up. Just keep a steady stream of alcohol in your system and all will be right with the world.