Can you get diabetes if you exercise and still eat sugar like cookies and pudding and stuff like that?

Answer There are two types of diabetes and each is very different. Type 1 you get from your body no longer producing insulin and there is nothing you can do to cause or prevent it, it just happens. Type... Read More »

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Does exercise also raise blood sugar in diabetes?

Chocolate chip cookies with less brown sugar/more white sugar?

Yes but if ypu happen to have molasses or dark karo syrup then add 1 tbsp.

When a friend of mine was told she had diabetes her blood sugar was 22. What was your sugar level?

There are different ways of measuring blood sugar. Those in the US use mg/dl. Others use mmol/l. A blood sugar of 22 mmol/l is equivalent of 396 mg/dl (to convert, you multiply it by 18). My husban... Read More »

If a person without diabetes ate a huge amount of sugar,what is the highest his blood sugar would go?

The person will suffer from hyperglycemia for a temporary period. He will feel excessive thirst and excessive secretion of urine. The excess sugar in the blood will be released along with urine.