Can you get custody of your child if your spouse is having an affair?

Answer This is difficult to answer because the main deciding factor is the judge in the case. If the spouse is a good parent (I realize many of us don't consider a cheating partner being a good parent tho... Read More »

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Can a spouse be granted full custody with no visitation just because the other spouse was charged with simple assault on her child only once?

Answer Yes. I doubt that any judge of Family Court would buy the "only once" defense. All of the judges, social workers, etc. I have encountered stick to the "Past behavior is a true indicator of ... Read More »

Virginia Laws on Who Gets Custody of a Child That Was a Result of an Affair?

People who engage in extramarital affairs can experience a wide variety of consequences, including getting caught, getting sued and getting pregnant. While child custody laws vary from state to st... Read More »

Can you have custody of child if your spouse commit adultery?

A spouse having an affair is not usually something the judge takes into consideration when deciding which parent will get custody of the children.

In a divorce case who would get custody of a child if one spouse is unemployed?

Answer Custody is granted based on what is in the best interest of the child and not on financial status.This is the reason that non custodial parent are equally responsible for the financial issu... Read More »