Can you get curly hair by using a round brush?

Answer Round hairbrushes are used to style, curl and smooth tresses, especially when blow drying. Smaller round brushes work best to add fullness and curls, though the curls will be temporary if hair is n... Read More »

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How to Round Brush Hair?

Although it takes time to master, using a round brush offers great reward to those who learn the technique. A round brush, when paired with a blow dryer, will produce volumized hair with stylish cu... Read More »

How to Dry Hair With a Round Brush?

Blow-drying using a round brush gives hair lots of bounce and cuts down on your styling time. In order to get the best, most controlled look possible use a round brush to coax the hair into the sty... Read More »

How to Use a Round Brush to Straighten Hair?

Using a round brush can do wonders for anyone's hair. Using a flat iron to straighten hair can ruin and damage your hair, not to mention that flat irons may make your hair lifeless. Instead, using ... Read More »

How to Clean a Round Hair Brush?

Finding the right brush for the texture of your hair can give you a real sense of accomplishment, and holding on to that brush can become next to obsession. The round brush has a special place in h... Read More »