Can you get cramps while peeing if pregnant?

Answer yes. it happens often in some ladies during the thrid trimester. usually the cause is the baby being close to the bladder.

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How to Prevent Leg Cramps While Pregnant?

Leg cramps are a common pregnancy complaint that affects around half of all pregnant women. Most common in the second and third trimesters, leg cramps can be caused by decreased circulation brought... Read More »

Is it normal to get cramps while pregnant?

On One Hand: Some Cramping Is NormalSome cramping during pregnancy is normal. The Mayo Clinic reports that many women experience abdominal cramping along with some bleeding (spotting) in early preg... Read More »

Can you get menstrual cramps while pregnant?

On One Hand: Cramping is CommonCramping during pregnancy--even menstrual cramping--can be common and is often unrelated to ill health. "Gas and bloating," however, "are very common during pregnancy... Read More »

What can you take for cramps while pregnant?

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