Can you get contractions started again once they stop?

Answer Answer Not really. They will start again eventually but if they stopped it probably was a false alarm and you may have to wait just a little longer for the real show to start.

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Is there any way to stop printer once started?

during print, power down your HP Deskjet and then cancel the print queue in the print manager settings. wait for the queue to disappear before powering on your printer. i do the same thing with my ... Read More »

Can your cervix stop dilating once it is started?

unfortunately not Im a doctor so understand u horr so have fun with birth

Is it normal if you have strong contractions at 39 weeks but then they stop?

Answer The strong cramping are called braxton hix contractions. Which are false labor pains. A lot of my friends had this. You also want to watch for severe leg cramps in the tops of your legs. ... Read More »

How long will it be until you deliver if you were two days past your EDD and started having strong contractions 2-4 minutes apart and the baby's head is very low but the next day they stopped?

Answer I bet by the time you read this answer you will have delivered.