Can you get cobra insurance with pre-existing conditions?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, You CanUnder the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) the federal government requires employers to offer certain laid off employees and their dependents health i... Read More »

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Does pet insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Whether or not pet insurance will cover pre-existing conditions depends on your policy. Some policies will cover all pre-existing conditions, while others cover none at all. Alternately, some polic... Read More »

Is there a dental insurance that covers existing conditions from day one?

There are insurance companies that offer immediate coverage for dental procedures. These can be through your employers group coverage or individual plans you purchase yourself. Blue Cross, Blue Shi... Read More »

Travel Insurance With Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

All insurance policies have stipulations for pre-existing conditions and so does travel insurance. However, the unique and temporary nature of this insurance policy makes the infamous pre-existing ... Read More »

How to Overcome Pre-existing Medical Conditions with New Insurance?

Health insurance protects you and your family from financial disaster by providing money for medical expenses. However, if you are sick or injured, you might find it difficult to get insurance due ... Read More »