Can you get caught for downloading music from limewire?

Answer You are leaving an electronic trail of your illegal activity. The music company needs only get a court order (very easy) and Limewire will hand it over to them. If you insist on breaking the law,... Read More »

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Has anyone ever used Limewire and been caught for downloading copyrighted material?

Use LimeWire 24/7 now for a long long time.Not just downloading. I have over 150 dvds and 15000-20000 songs and music videos out on LimeWire right now.Never had any problems.LimeWire in it's self i... Read More »

Is downloading music on Limewire illegal?

the actual limewire site isn't illegal,but downloading music from it is.any music u get for free is illegal.

Is downloading music from Limewire Illegal?

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Is downloading music from LimeWire legal?

Downloading music using the Limewire file-sharing program is not legal unless the creator of the music has given permission for free distribution of the music; the majority of popular music is ille... Read More »