Can you get bruises on your back by hunching over too much?

Answer Yes, you can....Good luck!

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How to Stop a Toddler From Hunching?

A lifetime of slouching, hunching and having generally poor posture will lead to several health issues, including bone spurs, back issues, pain and disc damage, according to the Cascade Wellness Ce... Read More »

Where did these little bruises come from?

Sorry Jo, I don't know the answerI'll put a star up, several of my contacts are medics

How many bruises do you have?

Too many that need explanations I don't have lol :)

How do you get rid of bruises?

There are several methods for removing bruises. First, understand that a bruise is pooled blood underneath the skin. In order to remove that pooled blood, you need blood circulating at that point.... Read More »