Can you get arressted if you do not leave a tip after eating at a restaurant?

Answer Yes, if the resturant bills it as a "service charge".Other than that no, it is just expected, but not a law.

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How to Leave a Restaurant Job?

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What do you usually order when eating at a restaurant?

Whatever pizza they have that is just like cheese on it, I'm fussy and I never know what anything is in restaurants so yeah lol.ooooh or if mcdonalds: Large quarter pounder meal with fries and coke... Read More »

Have you ever left a restaurant without eating?

Yes just a few weeks ago. The waiter's breath smelled like **** and he had a weird lazy eye and he was dirty... We ordered drinks and didn't even touch them... We gave the hostess $10.00 to cove... Read More »

How much tip should you leave at a buffet restaurant?

If they bring your drinks, and do a good job, $1 per person in the party.If you do everything except clear the table, 5% of the total check, but never less than $1 unless you are making a statement... Read More »