Can you get any permanent damage from a muscle cramp or charlie horse?

Answer No, not really. Deep muscle cramps can be felt days or even weeks later, but unless you had some external trauma (car accident, a fall, etc) there shouldn't be any permanent damage.Make sure ... Read More »

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My feet and legs cramp all the time does anyone no yit hurts so bad like a charlie horse!?

Please don't automatically assume that you're mineral deficient!!! You could be experiencing symptoms of a neurological disease. Get a medical exam as soon as possible. But, depending on your ag... Read More »

Can an albuterol inhaler cause permanent muscle damage?

Although permanent muscle damage is not considered a possible side effect of inhaled albuterol, it may cause some temporary muscle cramping. See your doctor if this cramping is severe or does not g... Read More »

LEG , FOOT, & TOE cramp, charlie horses?

Give your clothes to your sister...give your money to your friends....give your furniture to salvation the funeral're not here for long....sorry...Dr.Blue eyes has made hi... Read More »

I keep waking up in the night with cramp in my calf muscle.?

Not sure exactly the cause but drinking tonic water that contains quinnine is supposed to help. Eating bananas too.