Can you get any disease from sucking on a woman's nipples?

Answer She ever had her nips pierced?? I won't go into details, but when I took mine out I got some surprises... lol

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Can you get HIV from a blood sucking bug?

I believe it to be very possible but it would be a rarity.HIV is a very horrible disease and a horrible way to die.I know this as I worked in Hospice care at a hospital'It is believed by some that ... Read More »

How to Heal a Thumb Chaffed From Sucking?

Many young children develop a bad habit of sucking on their thumbs. Toddlers do it as a way to comfort themselves, but it can turn into a habit that is hard to break. Not only can thumb sucking cau... Read More »

How to Stop a Toddler From Sucking on Clothing?

Sucking on clothing is a habit a toddler forms as a baby. Sucking is what toddlers uses to sooth or calm themselves. Most toddlers stop on their own, usually before the age of 5. If this does not h... Read More »

How can you tell if a womans orgasm is real or fake Answers from GUYS ONLY?

I recall when I was a teenager that you could tell one of two ways: if her nipples became hard or if her tummy became flushed.... but between two people who love each other, that SHlT don't matter.... Read More »