Can you get any disease from sucking on a woman's nipples?

Answer She ever had her nips pierced?? I won't go into details, but when I took mine out I got some surprises... lol

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Your nipples are always hard and they are sore on the nipple part and there is small bumbs on my nipples?

i have the same issue and i would like to know.. its cancer i thin k just talk to ur doctor hopefully a girl because its just gross for a gut to do it unless he hot

What are the white dots on the end of my nipples these are not on the auora section but on the end of my nipples?

I get those every month right before my period. They are normal and are caused by a shift in hormones. It is actually "areola."

My nipples hurt really bad, not my breasts, just the nipples, what does that mean?

nipples are very sensitive. i dont know what it means,you might wanna call your doc.

Size 1 in juniors is what in womans?