Can you get aids from drinking after someone?

Answer On One Hand: Drinking is Not a Transmission RiskSharing things like drinking glasses and other dishes does not pose a risk for HIV transmission. HIV is not casually transmitted, and cannot be contr... Read More »

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Can you get AIDS from drinking after a person?

In most situations, you cannot get AIDS from sharing any type of beverage with someone. In order for it to be transmitted, it must come into direct contact with your bloodstream. This will not occu... Read More »

Can AIDS be spread from eating after someone who has it?

A person catches human immunodeficiency virus--HIV, not AIDS. AIDS is the final stage of HIV illness. HIV is too weak to live on its own so it can't be transmitted by sharing eating utensils or dri... Read More »

Can you get HIV from drinking after someone who has it?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HIV can only be acquired from anal, oral or vaginal sex and sharing needles with an infected person. Infants can acquire HIV from their ... Read More »

Likelihood of catching a disease from drinking/eating after someone?

Chances are you probably have consumed his germs, don't forget you end up breathing the same germs as him if living in the same environment as your room mate... If he doesn't respect the way you li... Read More »