Can you get addicted to coffee?

Answer I work Monday to Friday so I drink a lot of coffee I love coffee I absolutely need it but Saturday and Sunday I don't drink at all . I don't think u can get addicted

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Who is addicted to coffee?

I am, in fact coffee is to me like gas is to a car, if I don't drink coffee in the morning I just don't wake up and I can't function like a normal person.

Can anyone get addicted to coffee If so how I want to?

Caffeine is certainly a drug and it is an addictive drug as well. It is a moderate stimulant that taken in small amounts tends to make us more alert and often raises mood. In large amounts a person... Read More »

I feel like I'm addicted to coffee.?

I know I know! I had about 15 cups a day and switched to Old Chicago Coffee Semi-Decaf. Get the medium roast one. It brought me off the caffeine craze but still gave me a little kick. I don't th... Read More »

I'm addicted to coffee o.O is decaff a good idea?

Decaff still has caffeine in it, just a much smaller amount. Decaff does not mean caffeine free, but it might be a good idea to switch or at least cut down. You might also want to stop all caffeine... Read More »