Can you get a wheat-free alternative to semolina?

Answer Semolina is 100% wheat, so a real alternative is not going to be that similar. You could try ground rice, which is available for the same sort of uses in the UK.Depending on what you want to avoid ... Read More »

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Is semolina flour made from wheat?

Semolina flour is usually made from ground hard durum wheat, which is the hardest and densest of all wheat. Semolina flour has a high protein and gluten content and is often used to make bread and ... Read More »

Alternative to Wheat Germ Oil for the Hair?

Wheat germ oil has protein, a substance found in most meat. Protein is an important component for rebuilding healthy tissues and processing minerals through our cells. Potassium, calcium and magnes... Read More »

Is semolina the same as semolina flour?

Semolina is part of the grain of durum wheat. When semolina is finely ground, it becomes semolina flour. Finely ground semolina is also called durum flour. Semolina flour, therefore, comes from sem... Read More »

Is Mary Kay wheat-free?

May Kay cosmetics are for the most part wheat-free. This includes all foundations, color cosmetics, pencils, lip products, body products and most of the skin care line. Ask your consultant about a... Read More »