Can you get a virus on your iPod touch?

Answer yes.....actually it is a funny story, because I was plugging it into my computer, and I didn't use a safety plug, so when I opened my iPod it said,"I have been infected with herpes" so the iPod to... Read More »

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How do you fix a virus on iPod touch?

All i now is just to go to the apple store or just call them and they can help you fix it. jabbahwocky: what i would do is plug your ipod touch into the synced computer, and open iTunes. go to the ... Read More »

Can iPod touch get virus?

Yes but it is extremely rare though.Its most likely u probably uv downloaded crap from the internet. Remember the ipod is a IPOD nota COMPUTER

Can an ipod touch get a virus....and can you fix it if it does?

Apple's iPod firmware (since 3.0) is designed to run each app in its own memory process and to not let that app's background services write to or interfere with any other part of the system or its ... Read More »

Please help!! How do you get a virus of an iPod touch 4g?