How to Give a Piercing Over Scar Tissue?

Answer Piercings are the ultimate accessory and are definitely a form of self expression. But there is sometimes a catch. Once in awhile, piercings don't heal quite right and scar tissue can develop. Sca... Read More »

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Treatment for Scar Tissue?

Scar tissue is a fibrous connective tissue that usually forms a silvery, pale pink to brown colored scar. It results from a cut, injury, surgery or a result of a skin conditions such as acne or oth... Read More »

Scar Tissue & Pain?

Scar tissue consists of contracted connective tissue that is fibrous as well as dense. These tissues make up a scar. If you have had surgery or some other type of wound, a scar forms as a result. W... Read More »

I have scar tissue on my lip?

Yes, there are some ways to remove the scar tissue. Surgery is one way.

Essential Oil to break up scar tissue?

I would recommend try using Jojoba oil.Jojoba oil is also particularly good for skincare. The Jojoba Oil penetrates into the skin without clogging pores. It can be used on all skin types, contains ... Read More »