Can you get a secret clearance with a felony?

Answer Anyone who has been arrested for and/or convicted of a felony is generally disqualified from obtaining secret clearance. Secret clearance is required to work for certain branches of the U.S. govern... Read More »

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Does the Army MOS 35M require a security clearance or a TOP secret security clearance?

In the related links box below, I posted the information.Unfortunately, it does not seem like Dr. Q really answered your question. The answer to the question is YES it requires a security clearance... Read More »

What is top secret clearance?

Top secret clearance is the highest classification of national security, defined as having access to information that could gravely endanger national security if disclosed. Classifications below to... Read More »

What is secret security clearance?

There are three different types of security clearances--confidential, secret and top secret security clearances. The secret clearance allows the holder to have information available that could pote... Read More »

What Are the Secret Clearance Categories?

The government has secrets: regardless of if it is information about weapon systems, information about foreign armies, terrorist plots, ongoing or upcoming operations, or the nation's own military ... Read More »