Can you get a notification on Youtube for thumbs up?

Answer No. Unfortunately you'll have to go back to the video if you want to find out.

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How do you get a lot of thumbs up on Youtube comments?

Copy comment with hi thumbs up and paste it onto another video.

Does it take a while for youtube to register thumbs up or down?

I'm wondering this myself. I hate what they did to youtube. I like to vote on comments. I don't see any change when I vote. Very irritating and I think votes are not being recorded.

How to upload videos to YouTube without getting a copyrights notification?

Simple answer, only upload videos which you own or have the rights to upload.In terms of "acknowledge 3rd part content", it just notifies Youtube you have understood that this content isn't yours a... Read More »

Your top 5 girls and boys names...thumbs up/thumbs down edition?

♀ Julie Elisabeth♀ Amelia Katherine♀ Caroline Lydia♀ Grace Michelle♀ Sophie Eleanor♂ Lucas Nathaniel♂ Benjamin Wyatt♂ Alexander Samuel♂ Nicholas Andrew♂ Jackson Henry ♥ {αя}