Can you get a notification on Youtube for thumbs up?

Answer No. Unfortunately you'll have to go back to the video if you want to find out.

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How do you get a lot of thumbs up on Youtube comments?

Copy comment with hi thumbs up and paste it onto another video.

Does it take a while for youtube to register thumbs up or down?

I'm wondering this myself. I hate what they did to youtube. I like to vote on comments. I don't see any change when I vote. Very irritating and I think votes are not being recorded.

Your top 5 girls and boys names...thumbs up/thumbs down edition?

♀ Julie Elisabeth♀ Amelia Katherine♀ Caroline Lydia♀ Grace Michelle♀ Sophie Eleanor♂ Lucas Nathaniel♂ Benjamin Wyatt♂ Alexander Samuel♂ Nicholas Andrew♂ Jackson Henry ♥ {αя}

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down. What are Your Top Five (5) Favorite Names?

Rosalia Faith (Rose)Rebecca Claire Bethany KatherineMargaret LucyLydia HopeMatthew AlexanderLukas PatrickJacob TylerJoshua RyanOliver James