Can you get a job in FBI if you are crime scene investigator?

Answer Central Intelligence Agency

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What is a crime scene investigator's job?

Crime scene investigators perform tasks that will help forensic scientists analyze evidence and help the police solve crimes. To ensure the integrity of an investigation, they work to secure, docum... Read More »

How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator's Photographer?

Crime scene investigation is the process by which evidence is gathered and analyzed at a crime scene. Crime scene investigation involves a number of key individuals, including a crime scene photogr... Read More »

How much does a crime scene investigator earn?

According to statistics published by the Department of Labor Statistics in 2009, detectives and investigators make an average of $58,750 a year with average of $26.82 an hour.Source:Average Salary... Read More »

What is the definition of a crime scene investigator?

Crime scene investigators are an integral part of the criminal justice system. They collect evidence at crime scenes that can lead to crime solving.DefinitionA crime scene investigator is employed ... Read More »