Can you get a change of venue awarded in a custody situation?

Answer %DETAILS% Answer My young kid wants to live with me she is 14 years old. Her Dad will not let her live with me. And now he will not let me talk to her what can I do.Does he forbid her from, calling... Read More »

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I was awarded temp emergency custody due to child's mother arrested for drugs whats the chance that you will gain full custody at next hearing?

Without knowing the jurisdiction difficult to say. In general, you'd need to prove the mother is unfit to have custody. This is a hard thing to do. Joint custody is more likely.

You have temporary sole custody of your children is there a good chance you will be awarded permanent sole custody?

Depends on the evidence. I teach fathers what to do. see links below

If a father had custody of a child for 7 years mother took the child and was awarded custody father is now issued a warrent and back pay is that legal?

Answer Yes.Physical custody does not constitute sole legal custody, in which one parent has been given the legal authority to make all decisions concerning a minor child, including change of resid... Read More »

Is a child still homeless when custody is awarded?

No, once a judge awards custody, the residence of the primary custodial parent becomes the child's primary residence. When parents have joint custody, both residences are considered to be the chil... Read More »