Can you get a car back from a tow company if it was repossessed?

Answer Many people may believe they have no rights if their vehicle is repossessed. However, you still have many options to get your car back after repossession.Act QuicklyOnce the vehicle is repossessed... Read More »

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How to Get Money Back From a Company?

When a company overbills or charges you incorrectly, it can be disheartening. Especially when the company is a large corporation, it may seem impossible to recover the money. It is possible in many... Read More »

Can I Sell My Home Back to the Mortgage Company?

Homes tend to increase in value over time, so you might think that a bank would want to purchase your property. Unfortunately, the same company that issued your mortgage probably does not want your... Read More »

Can an Insurance Company back date a policy?

Answer No, that is not something an insurer would do even if it were legal, which it is not.

Can i return my computer back to lenovo company?

I have my filter set to show questions from UK and Ireland only. So if I can see your question that should mean you are in the UK or Ireland. "Best Buy" Europe ceased trading on 14th January 2012... Read More »