Can you get a car back from a tow company if it was repossessed?

Answer Many people may believe they have no rights if their vehicle is repossessed. However, you still have many options to get your car back after repossession.Act QuicklyOnce the vehicle is repossessed... Read More »

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How to Get Money Back From a Company?

When a company overbills or charges you incorrectly, it can be disheartening. Especially when the company is a large corporation, it may seem impossible to recover the money. It is possible in many... Read More »

How to Get a Title Back From a Title Loan Company?

Getting a title loan by using your car title as security is sometimes a viable way to get cash quickly and easily. Once the immediate financial need is resolved, there is still the task of paying o... Read More »

Is it illegal for a property management company of a condo complex to withhold an agreement from fha unless they receive a confidentiality agreement from the mortgage company?

Yes, the State of Colo, If someone is managing residential property 4 units or less that is not theirs, they have to have a Active Real Estate License.

Why might the government try and prevent a large company from buying a smaller company?